Tips to improve home security

Yes we all agree. The home is the impregnable place where you hide when you are around you becomes inhospitable; when the environment and with whom you live with turns against you. But in that bunker you may suffer unforeseen damage.

However kicked and view that you have, your house constantly puts you through your cornered edges, its salient points or multiple objects. And this obstacle becomes even more challenging when children scrambling around and running from corner to corner. Not to suffer damages arising from this, make good the saying foresee before curing.

Here we list some tips to make your home a safer place yet:

  1. Try to be always well illuminated every corner of the house. Good visibility is important.
  2. If you intend to clamber to high places, to change any bowler, painting higher areas or, in short, to perform an activity that requires rise above the ground for some time uses stable stairs. Never stools. And be sure to enlist the help of someone in the firm ground.
  3. In addition, use protectors when you think certain parts of your body can be injured (elbow pads, helmet, etc.).
  4. Use products slip when cleaning the floor. A bad slip can be very dangerous. Polishes or waxes will leave your floor spotless, but slippery. Also, remember: Do not wet Andes.
  5. This is very important especially in the place where more moisture evaporated and more water falls. In fact, your bathroom. Ask to see his carpet slip in the tub and put those plastic or latex are engaged with suction cups.
  6. Throw rugs can move easily. We are not stating that the takeoff, just keep this in mind.
  7. Children:
  8. Is the main “stuff” in the house, yes, but also why you wake up every day with more strength and energy. Be sure to protect children. The more control elements within the home, better: do not place objects near their hands.
  9. Prevents climb to high places, do not smell the danger. And if they do, be always with you to avoid having to heal.
  10. Place guards on windows, and railings high. Also, install safety latches on potentially dangerous places for them (patio, balconies on the windows themselves …). You can place clamps that limit the opening-closing doors, so that small little fingers cannot get caught.
  11. Place rounded plastic inserts in the outgoing hazardous, as the corners of the tables.
  12. Blocks plugs with protective, so do not put the fingers.
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