Tips to prevent burglary

If you go a few days from home

  1. Sure that doors and windows of your home are perfectly closed s, even if you’re going to be away from home for a short time. Remember the windows overlooking courtyards, especially in the case of low or high floors: hits are spending more hidden from view of the public and, therefore, are especially disadvantaged areas and with minimal risk to offenders. Do not forget to secure windows in basements with bars.
  2. Shut the door forever, not just slip, as well can be easily opened. Make sure that the door is at least two locking points, and there is no gap between the door and the floor. Strengthens from the hinges with steel pivots and metal corners to prevent leverage target.
  3. Totally not disconnect electricity in your home. ‘s ring off is a sign of absence.
  4. Do not hide a key emergency in the vicinity of your home: mailbox, planters, box counters. To the extent possible, install a security door, lock and an alarm.
  5. Let your house look forward to be inhabited: it will be a very effective insurance wisely. Do not let the blinds completely closed since it is an obvious sign of absence. Use automatic timers to turn off lights or a radio might help you to pretend that the house is not empty.
  6. If you live outside the village, you brightens the entrance, the porch and the front or rear patios. A properly trained dog is a good deterrent.
  7. Do not let your home in high-value items, car keys, important documents, checkbooks, credit cards keys or access codes to online banking. If you are able, keep them in a safe.
  8. Develops an inventory with serial numbers of electronic equipment manufacturing, make and model. Also includes description and / or photographs that allow the identification of jewelry and value.
  9. Do not comment your vacation plans with strangers or its duration, or let that information in answering message. Be especially careful if you use social networking sites and tell your children not to provide personal data and information on the period and duration of the strangers away from home or on the network.
  10. During prolonged absences ask a neighbor to work through the collection of mail, checking the condition of the house, on some casual light, free radio or TV. Leave a phone to locate you in an emergency.

While you’re home

  1. Do not open the door of your house or automatic goalie strangers. It compromises your safety and that of your neighbors. The chain locks cannot stop someone who is determined to pass. Keep the door closed until you can fully identify the person.
  2. Beware of callers at your door offering a purported sale or saying it represents a public agency or humane society. The offender will use any excuse to get into your house. No dating conciertes housing with strangers, especially if the contact has been established by telephone, Internet or other means to provide anonymity.
  3. Exige always accreditation service representatives (water, electricity, telephone, gas, etc…), and do not accept services have not previously requested. If in doubt, confirm by telephone company supplies technical visit.

And in case of theft…

  1. Given any suspicious symptoms that catches your eye, people loitering nearby or noise in unoccupied homes, call the police (091) or the Guardia Civil (062) . Record data of vehicles and / or people loitering around the house. When in doubt, it is preferable to call the police or Civil Guard.
  2. If you see the door of your home open or a broken window, do not go, you stay calm and immediately call the police or Civil Guard from the mobile phone, from a neighbor’s house or a public phone.
  3. Do not touch anything inside to avoid destroying evidence.
  4. Formulating the complaint presents documentary evidence of the stolen items, such as invoices or photographs. It can be very useful for capturing the thieves and retrieve the stolen objects.
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