Tips to help burglar protection

When are the most burglaries?

Unlike many people believe will not find most burglaries take the holiday season, but in the dark months from October to February. And also during the day burglars prefer the Dawn: In the early darkness entering the perpetrators can see where presumably someone is at home because the lights are on. The darkness also offers them protection for the Tatausf├╝hrung and escape.

How do the perpetrators to usually?

Most burglars use a screwdriver. They approach the house from the garden side and pry on windows and doors. In 75% of all burglaries the offender gets so into the house.

How do I protect myself effectively?

There when burglar-proof windows and doors are already installed in the new building is best – then cost effective safeguard against intrusion not much. But retrofitting is possible. Get this free advice and neutral by the officials of your criminal background information center. You can also recommend reliable audited craft you.

Help electronic reporting systems?

First, the skin should be secured so that a burglary is not possible or is the perpetrator very difficult. Report the alarm systems burglary, but not prevent.

After a slump: What should I do?

Your safety is most important. Burglars flee mostly when they are surprised, because they do not want any witnesses. Call emergency and wait in front of the apartment to the police. And: Do not touch anything or clean up!

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