Tips for installing surveillance cameras for outdoor

Placement height

Whether you put the outdoor security cameras to protect your business or your home, the height of the camera determines the quality of the captured images. For companies, it is important to place the camera in a position so that it can capture the surrounding area while still being close enough to capture properly the faces of customers who enter and those within 10 feet (3 m) from the front door. The placement of the surveillance camera at least 10 feet (3 m) in height will allow the lens to capture the sidewalk and parking while still being able to see clearly the faces and bodies of the customers. To ensure your home, place a camera at least three feet (0.91 cm) above the front door, and between 10 and 20 feet (3 m and 6 m) up to capture vehicles entering and leaving your input.


The location of an outdoor surveillance camera is perhaps the most important part of a security system. If you use a system of multiple cameras to protect your business, place a camera at the entrance thereof, as well as an approach to the parking lot. Parking cameras should be placed correctly to capture the type of vehicles arriving customers, while cameras front door should be placed so that the lenses capture the faces of customers who enter. To monitor your home security cameras outdoor must clearly capture the area of ​​the front door as well as the driveway.


The laws related to the visibility of surveillance cameras may vary from state to state; however, all prohibit placing hidden cameras in private places such as bathrooms, locker or dressing rooms, according to Brick House Security. The outdoor security cameras are not located in private areas, so its visibility can be hidden from the eyes. While the idea of ​​hiding security cameras on the outside may be appealing to some owners of businesses and homes, keep in mind that a hidden camera can attract criminals, since they assume that there is no visual surveillance. If you decide to hide surveillance cameras outdoors, put a sign on the property indicating its use to arrest criminals and inappropriate behavior.

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