Tips before buying a safe

Private valuables such as cash, checks, savings books, coins, documents, jewelry, disk with sensitive data, etc. are protected in a safe not only from theft but also from fire.

Before purchasing a vault, you can get advice without obligation and free of charge even when the Criminal Police advisory services. You may already clarified in advance what kind of vault, and which installation type for your valuables out of the question or in your home is also useful. The decisive factors are also factors such as size and quality.

The Safe ways:

  • Wall safe
  • Floor Safe
  • Mobeltresor

Those safe models that are found to be safe, have the symbol “VSÖ-tested” or the VdS seal. The safe is also a safe place to keep firearms (pistols, revolvers). The Arms Act calls for the safe custody of the owner of a firearm. It must be remembered, however, that then only the gun owners themselves should have access to it. advice:

  • Make a list of your valuables, especially of precious jewelry and expensive electrical equipment.
  • Record all serial numbers and device numbers – this can be found in most cases on the back of the device.
  • It is helpful to make copies of all documents, a photocopy.
  • In case of theft photos and invoices facilitate detection at the insurance and are important for police investigations.

Safes: Security Classes

Whether wall or floor safe: Depending on the value (and the insured value) to the custodial objects lend themselves to different safes. Definitely a VSÖ certified depository safe is recommended, otherwise every safe is half-baked.

Safe transport and siting

Even small safes can be too heavy to be moved without professional help, larger weigh up to a ton. The weight must, in addition to the right “hiding” in the choice of the ideal location to mitbedacht.

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