The six common misconceptions about burglars

Many people believe that burglars everywhere anyway can come in and give herself to her fate. This is wrong: according to the experience of the police break-ins in the rarest of cases of well-equipped professionals are committed. Instead, there are usually opportunity offender who make unsecured inputs of all kinds advantage and are therefore discourages good technical safeguards.

  1.  “For me, there is nothing to get.”

You’d be amazed what burglars nicked everything. That being said, the burglar knows just how it is with your wealth, if it is broken into and everything has searched. Then maybe much has been affected, which has sentimental value for you; such as cherished mementos.

You should not underestimate the psychological effects of such an experience. The feeling of destroyed privacy and insecurity in their own homes loaded some for several years. So if an opportunity presents itself, the burglar will they take.

  1. “The main thing at night is all locked well.”

Darkness is only one aspect that comes to meet burglars. Another is the certainty that no one is home. And of course this is mainly the case during the day, when you are out at work, while shopping, or with your children. In winter, favoring the early dawn to do so.

  1. “For us, the neighbors look after each other.”

This is good, but the neighbors know all your friends, the Lord of the shipping service and the pizza delivery service? Conversely, you have already provided to you unknown people in the stairway to the speech? Unfortunately, it is anonymity in larger units rarely entirely prevent. Burglars know this and use it from.

  1. “And if they did, I ‘m insured.”

Really? Often turns out – unfortunately, often too late – out that the policy but does not cover everything you had thought or in the worst case, there is no protection. But suppose everything is right: nobody will replace the ideal values ​​of cherished objects or indemnify you for the mess that has been left in your home the burglar.

  1. “If I catch a burglar, I’m trying to prevent him from escaping.”

Please do not! With whomever you have to do it, it is clear that the burglar will do our utmost to remain undetected or to escape. And this goal he will pursue with safety ruthless than you yours. Play that is not the hero, call the police immediately. Even with a detailed description of the perpetrator and his possible escape vehicle, you can contribute a lot to a successful result.

  1. “For me, nothing can happen, I have an alarm system.”

Report burglar alarm systems, as the name implies, a break-in. But the collapse is not prevented. Therefore, you should round off your security concept necessarily with mechanical fuses.

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