Rendered with prison security guard for injuries to a young

Monday Judge Fanny Canossa imprisonment pending trial man 40 years for the crime of serious injuries ultraintencionales concurrency reiteration outside with a crime of omission of assistance and threats.

The attack occurred on Sunday morning when GTC, 18 years old, and his friend LBC, 19, were in Rood Park quarries in an exclusion zone of a dance event, waiting for some friends.

To find them, the security guard initial AALB ordered them to leave the place, at which young people refused. It began, then, a discussion, during which AALB pushed the 18 year old, who was precipitated by the quarries. The forensic medical certificate indicated that the fall caused him severe multiple injuries to young life-threatening and time disqualification for a period exceeding 20 days.

According to the indictment the judge, after the coup, the security guard withdrew without assisting. The same held LLCS, 19, a young employee of bowling, who was the aggressor and witnessed the events.

Upon entering the bowling both AALB as LLCS told what happened to two other local employees, dependents occupationally aggressor, who went to the scene in search of the young. There they met with his friend of 19 years who was also looking. While the two bowling employees found the woman lying between the quarries, he said nothing to the friend. They also assisted him and returned to the dance club.

There one of them told the assailant, who had found the wounded, to which he received a threat. “Voss not you moved here all night, did not see anything and record whenever you have family,” he said AALB employees neither did the police report, and requested medical assistance.

Given this, the judge also ruled the prosecution without prison LLCs and the other two employees bowling for the crime of omission of assistance. For 90 days they must provide community work two days a week.

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