Recommendations for home security

“We are all jointly responsible for the safety of our family, property and environment, why it is so necessary to raise awareness in the population about the importance of prevents criminal actions. ”

Recommendations within the home

Having secured all doors and windows, with their locks properly installed. It is good that the doors have a security against, these should be located at the top of the door to reinforce the entrance.

None of the windows should be open to the street, similarly, the door should remain closed, make sure that from the outside are not displayed persons or valuables you have.

When you receive visits from unknown people, serve people on the intercom, or by the window, but not directly open the doors. Do not rely uniform that brings the person you visit, there have been cases of theft at home, where the victims open the doors to people posing as employees of institutions and then execute the robbery.

Be very careful when you receive phone calls, there are unscrupulous callers to provide a service or ensure that is to update the data, and manage to extract valuable information for future scams.

At home, place in a visible place like the refrigerator, all emergency phones, doctors, hospitals, ambulances, as well as close relatives, so that if an incident occurs they can access the information quickly.

Outside the home

Visit the unit closest to their home community policing, and meet police servers to go in case of an emergency. Check with them on the operation of the free service “Domicile custom” which is to entrust your home to the police while you are away for the reasons required to do so.

Learn as much as possible what their neighbors are, and leave home or work, contact a trusted neighbor you will not be home.

If you plan to rent or buy a home

Try to find out what your neighbors are, you may be people who may later can help you, and also may be people who may be putting their safety at risk.

Check that access facilities to their new home provide all the assurances of the case, check emergency exits if a building.

If you have a vehicle that the latter is saved and secure in a garage, easily accessible for you.

Safety devices

If you are able to install security systems, get advice on what is most suitable for your home, and what site should locate to potentiate investment. In case of keys to safety, allow only people you trust the handle. / Writing Guayas.

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