Protect your home during the holidays

We are in a good time to plan for what will be our next vacation destination and we currently have many proposals, both national and international, and devote ourselves to enjoy our more than deserved days off, but … can we do it quietly? During the holiday season it is when most burglaries and robberies in homes occur, so we will give you some tips that will be very helpful to protect your home.

Installing a good security system should be something that we must consider and one of the measures most adopted in recent years are security bars for windows, an ideal complement to the armored doors, which increased the difficulty access to foreign friends.

But it is not grilles aluminum or iron but are made of steel, which makes it much more complex than can be cut or manipulated to allow access, reason why its success.

If you go on vacation it never hurts to keep in a safe valuables that you will not take with you on your getaway. Never leave valuables in sight, all well hidden. If you do not have safe and have jewelry or high value goods and small size, you can always rent a safe in a bank.

If you have valuable electronic devices, it never hurts them out a photograph and your serial number. In case they are stolen, the police will have it easier to recover and harder to sell thieves.

Before leaving on vacation is important to ensure close key gas and water, have all picked up and nothing is left to the view and make sure that all possible entrances to the house are closed properly.

On the other hand, do not communicate our March holiday or forums, blogs, chats or social networks, you only know our family and friends the utmost confidence, so we’ll save that they learn from our holiday people not should.

Finally, it is advisable to leave the house key and mailbox to a family for you during your stay up the blinds, turn on the lights and remove the mail from the mailbox, which will give the impression that the house is not empty.

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