Procedures security guards

A security guard is a person who is often hired by a private organization to monitor the location of a business, a home private or a commercial institution. Security guards preserve building security, maintain order and protect residents, employees and visitors to the site. Although the procedures of security guards may be different according to the responsibilities of work determined the guidelines of the security company and the training of officers of security, there are some procedures that tend to be universal.


The main function of the work of all security guard is preventing incidents. Security guards spend much of their shift making sure not allowed in the place packages or illegal persons without proper authorization. Security guards follow all established protocols to screen visitors receive packets and verify identities as needed.

A security guard can stand in one place at the same site, or may need to perform scheduled rounds to check the perimeter of the property both outside and inside the building. Prevention also includes protecting the entrances to the building after hours, check the operation of safety equipment of the building as automatic locks, metal detectors and systems fire alarm and control security cameras placed around the building.

Observe and report

The guidelines of the procedure for most companies require security guards a security guard observe and report during the course of their shift. Usually it expects a security guard to keep a record of daily events and perform related incident reports that provide a detailed record of the daily in and around the building activities.

Records of observations should include date, time, location and description of all visitors, deliveries and other events. Daily log reports often require that the security guard write down the hours that performs the planned rounds during their shift, as well as the findings of each safety inspection.

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