Objectives of a security guard’s curriculum

We all know the importance of having a good curriculum vitae when entering the labor market. However, few applicants spend enough time describing their objectives in the curriculum. For a security guard, the objective statement can point out to a potential employer not only what their general experience and qualifications are, but draw their attention to the specifics of the curriculum.


Declare your security experience immediately. Whether you are a former law enforcement officer seeking to enter the private sector or an experienced private security guard, mentioning such experience will demonstrate to the employer the scope of the law from the beginning: “Objective: Use my seven years of experience in the application of public law … “or” Make use of my five years of experience in the management of private security for retail … “Although you establish the details in the body of the curriculum, this information allows your potential employer Know that you will provide significant work experience.

Company specifications

In the summary of objectives of the curriculum vitae, in addition to showing your extensive experience, clarifying “specific jobs” makes the statement more solid. The applicant should try to present some specific element of the company or the type of work for which he is making an application. The generic objectives are not as effective.

Personal characteristics

The final element – and that many job seekers ignore – for a good statement of objectives is to provide a personal element that highlights who seeks employment from other applicants. The objective should end with a statement about individual work habits or enthusiasm generated by working in that area.

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