Main problems of a security system at home

An alarm system that sounds unnecessarily too often can have an effect like “crying wolf” and ultimately make the system less effective. You can change the way your alarm system works by troubleshooting the system to make sure it is working at its optimum level.

To do so the first step is to press the “Reset” button on the panel box if the “Fault” is on. If the light of “Trouble” is off it means that all is well with the system. If the light is blinking, press the “Reset” button.

Check the second control panel in the house to see if it is running. Check if the first control panel has no screen or if the error message “Trouble CF” is displayed. If the second control panel works correctly, this means that the first is dead or low battery.

Examine the contact and the magnet on the door or window and door frame or window, respectively. When the door or window is closed, the contact must be fully aligned with the magnet in the frame. Misalignment can cause the security alarm to sound unnecessarily. Remove the magnet or contact volva to align.

Move the glass break alarm to another room or area if you are in a section of the house, where there tends to be sudden and loud noises like a door slamming or doorbell. Also, any room with lots of noise could be prone to be more susceptible to unnecessary security alarms.

Check the height of the motion detector, if the device turns off for no apparent reason. The right height for a motion sensor should be 7 feet 6 inches off the ground.

If the height is correct, you may also want to check the sense that the motion detector faces. For example, even if the motion detector is in a room where there is no movement, if the device is pointing to a door, the movement that occurs outside the courtroom will be detected. Similarly, a motion detector pointing to the window can activate the alarm if no movement outside it.

Regarding the keyboard security systems you need to press the “Options” tab, press the “7” button and watch the indicator lights prefabricated in the front of the keyboard to see if any of them light up. If the light turns back door, for example, make sure the back door is closed before proceeding.

Finally, enter the pass code three or four digits and press “On” to activate the alarm. Leave the premises within 40 seconds (this is the appointed time before the alarm is activated). Enter your code again and press “Off” to disable the alarm. Again, you have 40 seconds to turn off the system after entering.

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