Keep safety during your holiday

Internet revolutionized the way we vacationed. Unfortunately, this enables scammers to ruin the wishes of the people to have their perfect vacation, so stay tuned and check everything before you spend your money on a plane ticket or lodging.

It is common for cybercriminals send mass emails false messages that are cleverly disguised as regular messages from airlines or other travel associations such as agencies, hotels and travel search engines. This particularly occurs during the seasons conducive to business or pleasure. Scammers usually try to do some of these things:

  • Stealing money, making believe you pay an incredibly low price for your ticket or lodging in a luxurious cottage that do not exist in reality or not will be reserved for you.
  • Stealing mile journey
  • Install Trojans on your computer to steal banking information and other valuable information.

The first type of fraud is easy to do thanks to the Internet. It is easy to establish a fake page of a travel agency or make a clone of a famous as site. Outwardly it looks exactly like any online service created to help travelers with the only difference that when paying, you’re paying the scammer instead of a hotel or an airline. You will never receive an electronic confirmation, so the beginning of your trip will be impossible.

According to a study by the Association of Travel UK most dangerous are booking tickets online airlines, cottages, apartments and vacation packages, especially those related to religion or sports. They all have something in common – you put money in advance.

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