How to write a resume for a security guard job

A security guard works in a variety of environments and has a wide variety of functions, ranging from simply ordering visitors not to touch art in a museum to protection against theft and surveillance of property and money. Depending on what type of job you are looking for, your resume can vary considerably.


Write a great resume for a security guard job

  1. Highlight any previous experience in law enforcement, private security or volunteer programs (for example, as a firefighter). If you worked as a security officer or had a job in surveillance, the experience in the field is a great point of sale with the new employers.
  2. Write a resume that highlights your knowledge of electronics, such as CCTV cameras, radio communications, data processing equipment and other related equipment. Since this will be something that you will see as part of your daily work, it is important that you demonstrate familiarity with that since you will save time and effort of training in the company.
  3. Let the employer know if you have worked in a variety of settings. This work is one of the few in existence where working in many places (instead of keeping the same job per year) is an advantage. This is because working in diverse environments, from museum galleries and government buildings to retail stores and banks, can prepare you to deal with different situations and teach you how to respond appropriately and efficiently.
  4. Include a list of your licenses. At a minimum, you need a basic certification in your curriculum, delivered by local authorities, which shows that you have no criminal record. If you have a license to carry weapons, say so. More and more jobs are making this a requirement and they are looking for workers who already hold these certifications.

Consider taking additional classes on legal issues, such as crisis prevention and writing the report. Although it is not a requirement for work, a security guard is usually trained at work for these issues. If you already know about them before applying for the job, write it in detail.

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