How to remove security screws

The security screws prevent the wrong people from removing them. You can find them in different places, including benches, nuclear power plants, external lighting, traffic signs and children’s games. The screws are made so that people can not alter them and remove them easily which is where they got their name. If you need to remove security screws you must have the correct tools.


  1. Find an extraction tool that matches the screws. You can remove them with this tool. They are made in a way that it will be very difficult for unauthorized people to remove the screws. Only people with the correct tool can remove them. It is almost impossible to remove them in some other way.
  2. Remove the screws with the tool. This can be removed quickly with the help of an electric drill or an air gun. You can also remove them manually. The tool fits the head of the screw and has teeth that help it stay in place. You must press down and turn it counterclockwise at the same time you remove the security screws.
  3. Put the safety screws and the tool in a safe place and do not lose them. Put them in a safe or toolbox where you can easily find them.
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