How to locate someone through the social security number for free

It has happened to all of us that we want to meet certain people. If you know your social security number, you can do it. Because this number appears in most public records, tracking a person’s location may take a little time, but you can find it if you are willing to work hard on paperwork.


  1. Get in touch with the Social Security Administration. They will only give you information about a person if they are dead, or if the caller has some kind of legal authority to search between the registries, like a police officer. If the agency does not offer you any information, it means that whoever you are looking for is still alive.
  2. Go to a search site that will review public records using the person’s social security number.
  3. Do your search using the social security number of the person? You should look for the most recent records and once you have found them, you can discover the person’s location and possibly their contact information.
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