How to get a job without a social security number

According to the Social Security Office, a social security number is not only crucial for a job, but also to receive social security benefits and other services funded by the government. Taxes are the main reason for issuing social security numbers. Self-employment is a way to earn money without a social security number; there are also several types of small businesses that employ without asking for information about social security.


  1. Self-employment
  2. Contact a self-employed business person, such as painters and contractors since most of them do not ask for a social security number as a requirement. Ask them if there is any extra work that they need help with.
  3. Create your own employment opportunities. Choose jobs where you can substitute another person, such as cutting the grass, painting someone’s bedroom, or taking care of children. Make your own business cards so that people know you are serious. Become as accessible as possible.
  4. Use your skills and talents to land jobs and earn money. Write a list of all your skills. Think of ways you can get economic benefits through your skills. You can charge for piano lessons, or sell works of art if you’re a painter, and so on.
  5. Make garage and garden sales from your home your house. Find old things that are no longer used, like clothes and electronics for garage sales
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