How to find someone by their social security number

Why can you need to find someone by their social security number? Maybe you have lost sight of a relative, but you have access to your social security number. Maybe you’re an employer, willing to hire someone, but you want to make sure you’re using a correct number. Maybe you have a list of social security numbers for your children, but you do not know what social security number belongs to which. Finding someone for their social security number is not as difficult as you might think with access to the internet.

Checking a social security number with a name can be easy. The United States Social Security website allows you to check up to ten numbers a day. Offer this service for free to US citizens.

Finding a person who is currently using a social security number will require some additional help, with a reputable research service. There should be no problems in finding one in your city or you can use an online service.

Finding the social security number of a deceased person is a fairly easy process. Simply enter your name, free of charge, in the database of the site.

If you are doing research that requires the search for social security numbers over a period of time, you may consider becoming a member of a research service. With an annual nominal rate, you will have the same access database as a researcher.

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