How to change your last name in social security

If your name has changed for any reason, it is important that you report to the Social Security Administration as soon as possible and request a new Social Security card that reflects your correct name. Incorrect information can delay your tax refund or cause your earnings to be reflected correctly in your Social Security earnings statement.


  1. Gather all the documents you need to prove your identity and verify the name change. A marriage certificate, divorce certificate, court order or naturalization certificate is required to process a name change in the Social Security Administration. Documents that can be used to verify your citizenship and identity include a birth certificate or a passport. You must have an ID that shows your new name, as well as an identification with your previous name.
  2. Download the application form for a new Social Security card on the website of the Social Security Administration.
  3. Complete the form, including your new name and your previous name.
  4. Take the completed form, along with your identity document and an official name change document to your local Social Security office (see Resources). The employees will submit the documents to the Social Security Administration on your behalf and you will receive a new Social Security card that reflects your name change in the mail.
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