Home Safety

Every year there are a large volume of people who come to the emergency room suffering declines in their homes and some with real physical damage, then remember to take some preventive measures in the home account.

Tips to prevent falls at home


  • Leave open spaces of objects that can be tripped
  • Keep the soil free of electrical wires can fall if engage in attempting to pass over
  • Light switches must be illuminated indicating their situation
  • Beware rugs that slide easily
  • Check the condition of the tiles and fix if you send any loose
  • Access to the house from the outside must have ramps, handrails, lifts, etc…
  • The shutters must be used to automatically
  • The sliding window should be left
  • If possible use the elevator, the stairs are best avoided if you can
  • Get help housecleaning social workers or family alggún
  • Request telecare service to be communicated at all times
  • Ask for help when you need to change something electrical
  • Having things that are used daily by hand


  • Spacious room with good lighting
  • Beware rugs that slide faacute; easily. Note that the corners are not bent
  • The furniture must be placed and ordered to remember his situation and not be an obstacle to walk around the house
  • Ask for help when you need a family get some high areas of the cabinets
  • If you live on a hill try not look out the windows
  • The room should be ventilated daily
  • Light switches must be illuminated indicating its position to know where they are and not go dark
  • Get up slowly after sitting for incorporation
  • At bedtime sit before lying in bed


  • A large bright kitchen and helps her cope better.
  • To cook the better the light the gas
  • It is important to locate a fire extinguisher and know if you need
  • The furniture should be easily accessible
  • Never use a chair to climb like a ladder
  • Keep things at your disposal for your convenience
  • Watch the corners of the furniture
  • Have an installation of gas and smoke detection is very important


  • Like A kitchen has to be ample space and good light
  • The soil must always be non-slip to prevent slipping
  • The toilet should have a handle and side support to hold on
  • The latch your door will be able to be opened from outside as from within
  • A shower tray with handle is preferable to a bath
  • The curtains in the tub are not advisable better still sliding doors
  • Always place a custom slip rubber when leaving the shower
  • Ideally, the sliding doors are
  • Never having outlets next to the sink
  • Never bathe with burning appliances

More tips to consider:

  • It is important to exercise every day (walking, walking, swimming, etc…) if you can…
  • Become checkups house one or two months
  • Always have the phone numbers listed emergency
  • If one goes to the street, in your wallet or purse always carry your data and your family a
  • Use comfortable shoes at home as in the street and are slip
  • Once a year, ask your doctor for an ophthalmological review
  • If you have telecare service always have the next emergency call device in case you need
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