When we think of automating a home, we think this is a luxury and can represent a greater investment spending for construction. However, we must consider that today no longer represents large costs and on the contrary, it can provide great benefits for both the household economy to security and family integrity.

Before starting the process automation is essential to consider the current and future needs of users, ie should put special emphasis on smaller as children and people in older adults, since it is recorded that they who the highest number of accidents in the home.

Based on the above, when designing a house or apartment should determine the characteristics of the property and user needs in the future, this will identify the elements that can automate since its construction.

Today, thanks to technology, each circuit can be controlled from a single device; from such simple activities as turning on and off lights, open or close blinds, turn on the television, turn on the air conditioning, etc. .; or more complex activities such as smoke detectors and alarms in case of fire, panic buttons, detectors iris, or turn off or turn on the heater in the kitchen, are some of the elements that can be automated and turn them into intelligent systems that help us to prevent accidents in the home.

In addition to this, in addition to selecting a company and / or brand, it is important to understand that in health and safety there are things that are done simply irreplaceable, and that is why we must know what elements or materials will be used during construction.

A clear example is the use of copper electrical wiring and the control devices, which for decades of reliable use has earned the position of electrical conductor more efficient to manufacture wires and commercial and industrial electrical cables, as conducts electricity with very little loss of energy.

In this situation, the copper conductors are stronger and have greater strength and durability than drivers of other metal alloys. It is therefore very important to verify that when automating a home, the electrical installation is of elements that are certified and regulated to ensure good performance.

The use of approved items such as copper, eliminate inefficiency and extend the life of electronic devices and / or all systems are automated, and thanks to the “smart” systems can be customized load according to each device individual.

A smart home that incorporates technology and is constructed with materials that do not pose health risks, is today a sustainable alternative that is part of the development of a culture and consciousness ecological, where they can ensure comfort and safety for the elderly, two principles that are essential in our country.

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