Equipment necessary for the duties of a security officer

A security guard needs different equipment depending on whether they are armed or unarmed. Depending on the property that is being protected, special equipment may be required. However, there are basic equipment that each security guard requires to have. While many employees will provide equipment, it may be necessary for a guard to purchase some items.

Two way radio

Most security guards charge a two-way radio. This is used to communicate with the central station while patrolling the property areas. It will be necessary in case of problems or to call for assistance.


A flashlight is one of the many items used by a security guard. The flashlight should be hard to use and be able to last the entire shift before it requires a battery change.


A retractable cane should be loaded by a security guard in case they need to protect themselves from others. Many security guards work on property that may require them to use force to protect it. In these situations, it is better for the guards to carry something with which they can defend themselves, but not to kill someone.

Pepper spray

Another piece of non-lethal equipment that a security guard must carry is pepper gas. This is used to subdue a person without hurting them. It is usually sprayed on the face and has a stunning effect to help the guard control the situation.

Service belt

The service belt worn by the security guards will keep all the equipment that needs to be charged. This equipment includes handcuffs, flashlight, cane, pepper spray and two-way radio. The belt allows the guard to keep their hands free and makes the equipment easily accessible when needed.


Anyone who works as a security guard will need a good pair of boots or shoes. This footwear must be durable and comfortable since a security guard will spend much of his time walking around the property while patrolling.


Security guards may be called to work in areas that may require them to use deadly force to protect property or persons. In these cases, a guard is required to charge a pistol, shotgun or other type of firearm. This is known as an armed security guard and must be licensed to carry firearms.

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