How to write a resume for a security guard job

A security guard works in a variety of environments and has a wide variety of functions, ranging from simply ordering visitors not to touch art in a museum to protection against theft and surveillance of property and money. Depending on what type of job you are looking for, your resume can vary considerably.


Write a great resume for a security guard job

  1. Highlight any previous experience in law enforcement, private security or volunteer programs (for example, as a firefighter). If you worked as a security officer or had a job in surveillance, the experience in the field is a great point of sale with the new employers.
  2. Write a resume that highlights your knowledge of electronics, such as CCTV cameras, radio communications, data processing equipment and other related equipment. Since this will be something that you will see as part of your daily work, it is important that you demonstrate familiarity with that since you will save time and effort of training in the company.
  3. Let the employer know if you have worked in a variety of settings. This work is one of the few in existence where working in many places (instead of keeping the same job per year) is an advantage. This is because working in diverse environments, from museum galleries and government buildings to retail stores and banks, can prepare you to deal with different situations and teach you how to respond appropriately and efficiently.
  4. Include a list of your licenses. At a minimum, you need a basic certification in your curriculum, delivered by local authorities, which shows that you have no criminal record. If you have a license to carry weapons, say so. More and more jobs are making this a requirement and they are looking for workers who already hold these certifications.

Consider taking additional classes on legal issues, such as crisis prevention and writing the report. Although it is not a requirement for work, a security guard is usually trained at work for these issues. If you already know about them before applying for the job, write it in detail.

Tips for the security of smartphones

The widespread use of mobile devices in everyday tasks results in personal information such as bank details, photographs, messages, contacts, emails and a long list of private information being moved from one place to another in the pockets.

How to prevent problems in case of loss or theft

Through these simple tips you can improve the security of smartphones and protect personal information, so attractive to cyber criminals.

Set up a PIN on the SIM card

The PIN number is the identification code that allows access to telephone calls and the use of mobile data by telephone companies.

You can configure a PIN with a value between 4 and 8 digits (it is recommended to choose the latter) and use a sequence of numbers that is not easily decipherable by avoiding passwords of type 1234, 1111, 1122, etc …

Establish an access code

In order to avoid unauthorized access to the devices and therefore, all personal information is recommended to have an access code configured for the lock screen.

Depending on the model of the device, different blocking methods can be set: pin, patterns, biometric detection and password (combination of alphanumeric characters).

It is also advisable to configure the automatic blocking to activate after a short period of inactivity and thus prevent access to personal data without authorization in case of theft or loss.

Download applications from the official site

There are platforms and web pages that can be infected with ‘malware’ and that allow the download of applications. To minimize the chances of infection, it is advisable not to install ‘apps’ from unknown sources on mobile devices and do so from official sites , Google Play in the case of Android and App Store for iOS.

Manage permissions in applications

Many of the applications installed in mobile devices require permissions to be able to work, but you must check what type of permissions they request and use common sense to determine if it is within reason in relation to the function of the application.

If when reviewing the permissions of an application before installing it, it requests more permits than necessary, it is preferable not to install it, surely there is another alternative that requires only the necessary permissions.

From the ‘smartphones’ you can manage the permissions, so it is advisable to disable those that are unnecessary and review them periodically.

Enable localization and connections only when using them

It is advisable to keep both the location function and the ‘Bluetooth’ of the devices disabled whenever they are not being used in order to protect privacy.

Similarly, it is advisable to check the location and privacy settings of social networks and keep disabled the options that allow automatic localization in each application installed on the “smartphones”.

Wipe Wi-Fi history periodically

It is advisable, in order to avoid unintentional connection to untrusted wireless networks, eliminate from the history of known connections all those that are not used regularly and check it regularly.

Likewise, caution should be exercised when connecting to public networks and not sending personal data or sensitive information through them.

Use an antivirus

If the mobile device works with the Android operating system it is advisable to have an antivirus installed to improve security. On the OSI website you can find free antivirus for the devices.

For iOS users the risk of viruses is lower, since it does not allow downloading applications outside the App Store, as long as the jailbreak process has not been carried out – a method to bypass the security measures imposed by Apple on its iOS system and be able to install, modify and change anything in the system.

Keep up to date

Updates of operating systems usually correct security problems, therefore, it is advisable to update the devices after notification of the existence of a new version.

Also, to avoid being exposed to known vulnerabilities that can be used by attackers, you must keep the applications updated to the latest version.

Make backup copies Making backup

Copies of the devices guarantees not to lose information in case of loss or theft of smartphones.

And when changing mobile devices, it is advisable to proceed with the deletion of all personal information stored in the ‘smartphone’ once it is no longer used, especially if it is going to be sold or given away to a third party, in order to protect both personal data such as privacy.

Devoting time to the security settings of mobile devices is an investment that avoids problems and allows you to enjoy them in a much more secure way.

How to locate someone through the social security number for free

It has happened to all of us that we want to meet certain people. If you know your social security number, you can do it. Because this number appears in most public records, tracking a person’s location may take a little time, but you can find it if you are willing to work hard on paperwork.


  1. Get in touch with the Social Security Administration. They will only give you information about a person if they are dead, or if the caller has some kind of legal authority to search between the registries, like a police officer. If the agency does not offer you any information, it means that whoever you are looking for is still alive.
  2. Go to a search site that will review public records using the person’s social security number.
  3. Do your search using the social security number of the person? You should look for the most recent records and once you have found them, you can discover the person’s location and possibly their contact information.

How to solve security problems

One of the most common problems is a vehicle safety system that does not work properly. The “safety” light on the instrument panel flashes to let you know that the system is activated. Fortunately, you can reset the security system. If the vehicle does not start after performing the reset procedure, the vehicle must be repaired by a mechanic as soon as possible.


  1. Put the key in the ignition and start the vehicle as normal. If the engine does not start, or start and die, the safety light should flash. If so, you have identified the security system as the problem.
  2. Wait 10 minutes with the ignition set to the “On” position. After 10 minutes, the “safety” light should go out or simply light without blinking.
  3. Turn the ignition to the “Off” position after the “safety” light stops blinking or shuts down completely. Wait 20 seconds and start the engine again. If the engine starts correctly, you have solved the security problem. If not, you must restart the security system procedure.
  4. The process requires you to repeat these steps three more times. After repeating the steps of this procedure three times, the system restarts.

How to solve the problems of the vertical lines that are seen in a security camera

Thin vertical lines with black or white spikes on your CCTV are the symptoms of interference from a camera, shared terrain or an uninterrupted supply of power, also known as UPS. Monitors can show lines that jump side by side or move slowly from one side to the other. Follow some CCTV troubleshooting techniques to observe the sharpest details and remove the vertical lines.


  1. Unless you replace all types of square wave UPS with a higher quality UPS, vertical line interference will be difficult to eliminate permanently.
  2. Replace the DC-powered cameras with those powered by AC. Those of CC can not be blocked on the line, while those of CA have a line blocking function. Line lock refers to the ability to lock cameras together. This function tunes the vertical margin pulses based on the 60-cycle AC frequency. Adjusts the phase control on each camera to match the pulses vertical intervals and eliminates vertical line interference.
  3. Reinstall the camera if it and the UPS are also grounded. An induced ground loop can occur when the UPS power is transferred from the coaxial cable to the cameras, especially those powered by the DC. This is because the negative power supply cable in the camera and the coaxial shield are the same. An induced ground loop causes interference in the vertical line.
  4. Replace the types of square wave UPS with the quasi-sinusoidal, semi-sinusoidal wave or a USP type sine wave. The square-wave UPS power supplies have frequencies that go in the Kilo-Hertz, or 1000 Hz, and Mega-Hertz, or 1000,000 Hz regions. This extends well beyond the video frequency range, and so It causes interference.

Objectives of a security guard’s curriculum

We all know the importance of having a good curriculum vitae when entering the labor market. However, few applicants spend enough time describing their objectives in the curriculum. For a security guard, the objective statement can point out to a potential employer not only what their general experience and qualifications are, but draw their attention to the specifics of the curriculum.


Declare your security experience immediately. Whether you are a former law enforcement officer seeking to enter the private sector or an experienced private security guard, mentioning such experience will demonstrate to the employer the scope of the law from the beginning: “Objective: Use my seven years of experience in the application of public law … “or” Make use of my five years of experience in the management of private security for retail … “Although you establish the details in the body of the curriculum, this information allows your potential employer Know that you will provide significant work experience.

Company specifications

In the summary of objectives of the curriculum vitae, in addition to showing your extensive experience, clarifying “specific jobs” makes the statement more solid. The applicant should try to present some specific element of the company or the type of work for which he is making an application. The generic objectives are not as effective.

Personal characteristics

The final element – and that many job seekers ignore – for a good statement of objectives is to provide a personal element that highlights who seeks employment from other applicants. The objective should end with a statement about individual work habits or enthusiasm generated by working in that area.

Requirements to become a security guard in Florida

Private companies hire security guards to protect businesses from the public and other buildings. Working in shifts, these guards must have the mental and physical strength to stay on constant alert and stop the danger without warning. This can be especially difficult, since most of the guards work at night. Each state has requirements to make sure that the security guards are qualified. In Florida, for example, there are some conditions that you must meet before taking this important job.

Requirements of age and background

First, prospective security guards in Florida must be over 21 and fit for employment in the United States. In addition, potential guards must have a clean criminal record and pass a drug test and background check. Guards must also have their own reliable transportation, access to a telephone or other means of communication, be able to read and write in English and have a high school diploma or equivalent, such as GED. These measures help to pre-select the candidates, ensuring that only the most qualified applicants arrive.


Once you meet the basic fitness requirements, you must obtain a Class D license from the Florida Security Guard. To get it, you must complete a 40-hour training, either together or through time. If you complete the training over time, you must complete the first 24 hours followed by a 16-hour session, which must be completed within six months of the first session.

This training is provided by schools that offer training for security guards throughout Florida, such as Florida State Security, Miami Protection and the S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute. You can get on-the-job training through special programs offered by certain employers or complete the programs through distance learning. According to Florida State Statute 496.3604, you must include the name and address of the school on your security guard license application. The course includes classes in the Florida Statute to deal with the responsibilities of a security guard (Section 493), the potential liability that guards may face, legal issues such as the right to detain people, first aid, fire response, what should not be done in case of an emergency and how to prevent accidents from happening. Once the course is completed, you can take the exam to obtain the license. After passing the exam, you can request your license.

Physical conditioning

Finally, the possible security guards must have the physical conditioning necessary to carry out the work. According to section 493.6108, the physical condition of certain types of guards is certified by a physician considered qualified under the provisions of Chapters 458 or 459. For example, a qualified physician must certify his or her physical condition to carry a firearm before being able to obtain a G-Class guard license. In addition, under the provisions of Chapter 493 of the Florida State Code, applicants who are severely overweight or incapacitated to the point that this affects their performance at work may not be eligible to become guards.

Rendered with prison security guard for injuries to a young

Monday Judge Fanny Canossa imprisonment pending trial man 40 years for the crime of serious injuries ultraintencionales concurrency reiteration outside with a crime of omission of assistance and threats.

The attack occurred on Sunday morning when GTC, 18 years old, and his friend LBC, 19, were in Rood Park quarries in an exclusion zone of a dance event, waiting for some friends.

To find them, the security guard initial AALB ordered them to leave the place, at which young people refused. It began, then, a discussion, during which AALB pushed the 18 year old, who was precipitated by the quarries. The forensic medical certificate indicated that the fall caused him severe multiple injuries to young life-threatening and time disqualification for a period exceeding 20 days.

According to the indictment the judge, after the coup, the security guard withdrew without assisting. The same held LLCS, 19, a young employee of bowling, who was the aggressor and witnessed the events.

Upon entering the bowling both AALB as LLCS told what happened to two other local employees, dependents occupationally aggressor, who went to the scene in search of the young. There they met with his friend of 19 years who was also looking. While the two bowling employees found the woman lying between the quarries, he said nothing to the friend. They also assisted him and returned to the dance club.

There one of them told the assailant, who had found the wounded, to which he received a threat. “Voss not you moved here all night, did not see anything and record whenever you have family,” he said AALB employees neither did the police report, and requested medical assistance.

Given this, the judge also ruled the prosecution without prison LLCs and the other two employees bowling for the crime of omission of assistance. For 90 days they must provide community work two days a week.

Recommendations for home security

“We are all jointly responsible for the safety of our family, property and environment, why it is so necessary to raise awareness in the population about the importance of prevents criminal actions. ”

Recommendations within the home

Having secured all doors and windows, with their locks properly installed. It is good that the doors have a security against, these should be located at the top of the door to reinforce the entrance.

None of the windows should be open to the street, similarly, the door should remain closed, make sure that from the outside are not displayed persons or valuables you have.

When you receive visits from unknown people, serve people on the intercom, or by the window, but not directly open the doors. Do not rely uniform that brings the person you visit, there have been cases of theft at home, where the victims open the doors to people posing as employees of institutions and then execute the robbery.

Be very careful when you receive phone calls, there are unscrupulous callers to provide a service or ensure that is to update the data, and manage to extract valuable information for future scams.

At home, place in a visible place like the refrigerator, all emergency phones, doctors, hospitals, ambulances, as well as close relatives, so that if an incident occurs they can access the information quickly.

Outside the home

Visit the unit closest to their home community policing, and meet police servers to go in case of an emergency. Check with them on the operation of the free service “Domicile custom” which is to entrust your home to the police while you are away for the reasons required to do so.

Learn as much as possible what their neighbors are, and leave home or work, contact a trusted neighbor you will not be home.

If you plan to rent or buy a home

Try to find out what your neighbors are, you may be people who may later can help you, and also may be people who may be putting their safety at risk.

Check that access facilities to their new home provide all the assurances of the case, check emergency exits if a building.

If you have a vehicle that the latter is saved and secure in a garage, easily accessible for you.

Safety devices

If you are able to install security systems, get advice on what is most suitable for your home, and what site should locate to potentiate investment. In case of keys to safety, allow only people you trust the handle. / Writing Guayas.

Protect your home during the holidays

We are in a good time to plan for what will be our next vacation destination and we currently have many proposals, both national and international, and devote ourselves to enjoy our more than deserved days off, but … can we do it quietly? During the holiday season it is when most burglaries and robberies in homes occur, so we will give you some tips that will be very helpful to protect your home.

Installing a good security system should be something that we must consider and one of the measures most adopted in recent years are security bars for windows, an ideal complement to the armored doors, which increased the difficulty access to foreign friends.

But it is not grilles aluminum or iron but are made of steel, which makes it much more complex than can be cut or manipulated to allow access, reason why its success.

If you go on vacation it never hurts to keep in a safe valuables that you will not take with you on your getaway. Never leave valuables in sight, all well hidden. If you do not have safe and have jewelry or high value goods and small size, you can always rent a safe in a bank.

If you have valuable electronic devices, it never hurts them out a photograph and your serial number. In case they are stolen, the police will have it easier to recover and harder to sell thieves.

Before leaving on vacation is important to ensure close key gas and water, have all picked up and nothing is left to the view and make sure that all possible entrances to the house are closed properly.

On the other hand, do not communicate our March holiday or forums, blogs, chats or social networks, you only know our family and friends the utmost confidence, so we’ll save that they learn from our holiday people not should.

Finally, it is advisable to leave the house key and mailbox to a family for you during your stay up the blinds, turn on the lights and remove the mail from the mailbox, which will give the impression that the house is not empty.