Rendered with prison security guard for injuries to a young

Monday Judge Fanny Canossa imprisonment pending trial man 40 years for the crime of serious injuries ultraintencionales concurrency reiteration outside with a crime of omission of assistance and threats.

The attack occurred on Sunday morning when GTC, 18 years old, and his friend LBC, 19, were in Rood Park quarries in an exclusion zone of a dance event, waiting for some friends.

To find them, the security guard initial AALB ordered them to leave the place, at which young people refused. It began, then, a discussion, during which AALB pushed the 18 year old, who was precipitated by the quarries. The forensic medical certificate indicated that the fall caused him severe multiple injuries to young life-threatening and time disqualification for a period exceeding 20 days.

According to the indictment the judge, after the coup, the security guard withdrew without assisting. The same held LLCS, 19, a young employee of bowling, who was the aggressor and witnessed the events.

Upon entering the bowling both AALB as LLCS told what happened to two other local employees, dependents occupationally aggressor, who went to the scene in search of the young. There they met with his friend of 19 years who was also looking. While the two bowling employees found the woman lying between the quarries, he said nothing to the friend. They also assisted him and returned to the dance club.

There one of them told the assailant, who had found the wounded, to which he received a threat. “Voss not you moved here all night, did not see anything and record whenever you have family,” he said AALB employees neither did the police report, and requested medical assistance.

Given this, the judge also ruled the prosecution without prison LLCs and the other two employees bowling for the crime of omission of assistance. For 90 days they must provide community work two days a week.

Recommendations for home security

“We are all jointly responsible for the safety of our family, property and environment, why it is so necessary to raise awareness in the population about the importance of prevents criminal actions. ”

Recommendations within the home

Having secured all doors and windows, with their locks properly installed. It is good that the doors have a security against, these should be located at the top of the door to reinforce the entrance.

None of the windows should be open to the street, similarly, the door should remain closed, make sure that from the outside are not displayed persons or valuables you have.

When you receive visits from unknown people, serve people on the intercom, or by the window, but not directly open the doors. Do not rely uniform that brings the person you visit, there have been cases of theft at home, where the victims open the doors to people posing as employees of institutions and then execute the robbery.

Be very careful when you receive phone calls, there are unscrupulous callers to provide a service or ensure that is to update the data, and manage to extract valuable information for future scams.

At home, place in a visible place like the refrigerator, all emergency phones, doctors, hospitals, ambulances, as well as close relatives, so that if an incident occurs they can access the information quickly.

Outside the home

Visit the unit closest to their home community policing, and meet police servers to go in case of an emergency. Check with them on the operation of the free service “Domicile custom” which is to entrust your home to the police while you are away for the reasons required to do so.

Learn as much as possible what their neighbors are, and leave home or work, contact a trusted neighbor you will not be home.

If you plan to rent or buy a home

Try to find out what your neighbors are, you may be people who may later can help you, and also may be people who may be putting their safety at risk.

Check that access facilities to their new home provide all the assurances of the case, check emergency exits if a building.

If you have a vehicle that the latter is saved and secure in a garage, easily accessible for you.

Safety devices

If you are able to install security systems, get advice on what is most suitable for your home, and what site should locate to potentiate investment. In case of keys to safety, allow only people you trust the handle. / Writing Guayas.

Protect your home during the holidays

We are in a good time to plan for what will be our next vacation destination and we currently have many proposals, both national and international, and devote ourselves to enjoy our more than deserved days off, but … can we do it quietly? During the holiday season it is when most burglaries and robberies in homes occur, so we will give you some tips that will be very helpful to protect your home.

Installing a good security system should be something that we must consider and one of the measures most adopted in recent years are security bars for windows, an ideal complement to the armored doors, which increased the difficulty access to foreign friends.

But it is not grilles aluminum or iron but are made of steel, which makes it much more complex than can be cut or manipulated to allow access, reason why its success.

If you go on vacation it never hurts to keep in a safe valuables that you will not take with you on your getaway. Never leave valuables in sight, all well hidden. If you do not have safe and have jewelry or high value goods and small size, you can always rent a safe in a bank.

If you have valuable electronic devices, it never hurts them out a photograph and your serial number. In case they are stolen, the police will have it easier to recover and harder to sell thieves.

Before leaving on vacation is important to ensure close key gas and water, have all picked up and nothing is left to the view and make sure that all possible entrances to the house are closed properly.

On the other hand, do not communicate our March holiday or forums, blogs, chats or social networks, you only know our family and friends the utmost confidence, so we’ll save that they learn from our holiday people not should.

Finally, it is advisable to leave the house key and mailbox to a family for you during your stay up the blinds, turn on the lights and remove the mail from the mailbox, which will give the impression that the house is not empty.

Procedures security guards

A security guard is a person who is often hired by a private organization to monitor the location of a business, a home private or a commercial institution. Security guards preserve building security, maintain order and protect residents, employees and visitors to the site. Although the procedures of security guards may be different according to the responsibilities of work determined the guidelines of the security company and the training of officers of security, there are some procedures that tend to be universal.


The main function of the work of all security guard is preventing incidents. Security guards spend much of their shift making sure not allowed in the place packages or illegal persons without proper authorization. Security guards follow all established protocols to screen visitors receive packets and verify identities as needed.

A security guard can stand in one place at the same site, or may need to perform scheduled rounds to check the perimeter of the property both outside and inside the building. Prevention also includes protecting the entrances to the building after hours, check the operation of safety equipment of the building as automatic locks, metal detectors and systems fire alarm and control security cameras placed around the building.

Observe and report

The guidelines of the procedure for most companies require security guards a security guard observe and report during the course of their shift. Usually it expects a security guard to keep a record of daily events and perform related incident reports that provide a detailed record of the daily in and around the building activities.

Records of observations should include date, time, location and description of all visitors, deliveries and other events. Daily log reports often require that the security guard write down the hours that performs the planned rounds during their shift, as well as the findings of each safety inspection.

Manual how to disable security cameras

Next step to translate an interesting guide them company’s mover. If you remember, the initiative came in 2013, in US, as a sort of “game” intended to spread the direct action, specifically those aimed at security cameras. On their website you can find more information about the history of the “game”, their reasons for being, and so on. Be burns.

Why destroy CCTVs?

Trust your intuition. But anyway if you need an intellectual justification, then read the following:

“The surveillance cameras are not borne equally by all people of the street, but falls on those stereotypically predefined as potentially deviant. Or about those people who by their appearance and behavior are classified as indecent by their operators. Thus, the youth, especially those that are already economically and socially marginalized, may be subject to higher levels of authoritarian intervention, as well as higher levels of stigmatization. Instead of contributing to higher levels of social justice by reducing levels of victimization, surveillance cameras are merely tools of injustice in the service of a distinctive and discriminatory surveillance. ”

“What we have shown is that security cameras do not reduce crime (in any case has increased). Nor do they reduce fear has committed a crime, but, to result in something, cameras slightly increased levels of anxiety. ”

Camera types

False Cameras

These cameras should be disqualified because feel self-conscious and inflict fear of punishment.

“False cameras include lenses and holders. They use a real case to make them look real. ”

Hidden cameras

They serve to strengthen surveillance in installations where primary cameras are more basic. Hidden surveillance cameras offer a second if you intrude clear the primary cameras. These types of cameras are usually used temporarily to capture repeated criminal activity.

Cameras on walls

They are usually installed outside the reach of people, but they can be accessible by two people working together. Especially protect private property, but often also covering public space.

Cameras on roofs

Cameras are usually used by police to control traffic, but are also sometimes used by office complexes or private institutions.

Cameras on poles

They are usually operated by local authorities to monitor commercial areas and urban traffic.

Methods of attack

Plastic Bag

A plastic bag with glue serves great. It is a cheap and as effective as any other method short-term technique. Use industrial bags because they are thicker. Sometimes cameras are being repaired are to cover, so that this technique does not call visually much attention. If the camera can be covered by a bag without difficulty, it means that is available. If so, do not hesitate to destroy the crystal, lens, and other component (done, do not cover the camera with a bag: people need to see the camera destroyed as a sign that they do not serve).

Sticker and tape

Simply paste a sticker or some tape on the lens. This technique is training and clearly shows that the camera is “offside.”

Paint Spray Gun

Become a water gun that use nines and fill them with paint. This technique is fast, fun, easy, and does not require anything scales (highly recommended). You can disable many cameras in a short time (one hour of activity you can easily put offside 10 cameras). Do not forget to bring spare paint in plastic containers. Nor forget to remove impurities to prevent gun locks. Points to the camera lens and then take charge of the rest of the camera and the area where it is. The paint is easily cleaned, so it is a technique of short-term but serves to clearly indicate people where there is a camera.

Nooses gun models use Super Soaker 400 – 2000 (camouflage for urban night actions version). We use a 50/50 mixture of water and emulsion paint, so that we can reach without difficulty heights up to 4.5 meters above nooses. This mixture completely obstructs the camera lens once applied to the target. Be prepared to get dirty, so wearing disposable clothing.

Laser Pointer

Laser pointers considerable power can be bought for reasonable prices. To ensure effective action more powerful laser pointers are recommended. Note that you can damage your vision without aiming well, or if the camera glass reflects the laser. Also it believes that, over long distances, it is difficult to keep the laser fixed on the target. The laser pointer can be installed on a pair of binoculars to increase accuracy. This technique does not show the people that the camera is useless, so is not recommended.

Cut wires

Camera cables can be cut with sharp tools as used in gardening. Ensures that the tool you insulate electricity cables. If you leave the cables dangling casually you will show people that the camera is useless. In addition, you will force to repair (and pay) wiring of the camera. Sparks of satisfaction.

Heavy objects

Ladder to the roof of the building where the camera is mounted. From the top, drops a heavy object like a block of concrete. You can calculate the correct position if first you drop smaller stones. The camera will be destroyed with a display of sparks. But keep in mind that climb tall buildings with heavy objects requires you to be physically fit. Also consider the safety of them passersby that can be found on the street. This technique is serious.


The preparation (training) is essential not only to acquire the necessary physical form, but also to acquire the necessary skills (and more importantly prepares to leave unexpected situations).

Working juntas

Knows your collaborators (their skills and shortcomings). It is also important to know to what extent they can rely on them to join otres.4.2) Maintain the shape.

You can never be too fit, so make a variety of exercise (although the best way to prepare is really disabling cameras). “Play” in the field in which you will act, and start with something simple like putting stickers.

Know the terrain

Familiarize yourself with all aspects of the land on which will act. Explore the area both day and night. Scale all the trees; all buildings. Explore all streets, alleys, bushes, and tunnels. Salta all walls, railings and fences. Do not use the streets or roads (only cross them for safe angles). If you think the area is patrolled by helicopters train your skills against aerial surveillance, ie looking coverage, using flares, smoke bombs, and so on.

Main problems of a security system at home

An alarm system that sounds unnecessarily too often can have an effect like “crying wolf” and ultimately make the system less effective. You can change the way your alarm system works by troubleshooting the system to make sure it is working at its optimum level.

To do so the first step is to press the “Reset” button on the panel box if the “Fault” is on. If the light of “Trouble” is off it means that all is well with the system. If the light is blinking, press the “Reset” button.

Check the second control panel in the house to see if it is running. Check if the first control panel has no screen or if the error message “Trouble CF” is displayed. If the second control panel works correctly, this means that the first is dead or low battery.

Examine the contact and the magnet on the door or window and door frame or window, respectively. When the door or window is closed, the contact must be fully aligned with the magnet in the frame. Misalignment can cause the security alarm to sound unnecessarily. Remove the magnet or contact volva to align.

Move the glass break alarm to another room or area if you are in a section of the house, where there tends to be sudden and loud noises like a door slamming or doorbell. Also, any room with lots of noise could be prone to be more susceptible to unnecessary security alarms.

Check the height of the motion detector, if the device turns off for no apparent reason. The right height for a motion sensor should be 7 feet 6 inches off the ground.

If the height is correct, you may also want to check the sense that the motion detector faces. For example, even if the motion detector is in a room where there is no movement, if the device is pointing to a door, the movement that occurs outside the courtroom will be detected. Similarly, a motion detector pointing to the window can activate the alarm if no movement outside it.

Regarding the keyboard security systems you need to press the “Options” tab, press the “7” button and watch the indicator lights prefabricated in the front of the keyboard to see if any of them light up. If the light turns back door, for example, make sure the back door is closed before proceeding.

Finally, enter the pass code three or four digits and press “On” to activate the alarm. Leave the premises within 40 seconds (this is the appointed time before the alarm is activated). Enter your code again and press “Off” to disable the alarm. Again, you have 40 seconds to turn off the system after entering.

Keep safety during your holiday

Internet revolutionized the way we vacationed. Unfortunately, this enables scammers to ruin the wishes of the people to have their perfect vacation, so stay tuned and check everything before you spend your money on a plane ticket or lodging.

It is common for cybercriminals send mass emails false messages that are cleverly disguised as regular messages from airlines or other travel associations such as agencies, hotels and travel search engines. This particularly occurs during the seasons conducive to business or pleasure. Scammers usually try to do some of these things:

  • Stealing money, making believe you pay an incredibly low price for your ticket or lodging in a luxurious cottage that do not exist in reality or not will be reserved for you.
  • Stealing mile journey
  • Install Trojans on your computer to steal banking information and other valuable information.

The first type of fraud is easy to do thanks to the Internet. It is easy to establish a fake page of a travel agency or make a clone of a famous as site. Outwardly it looks exactly like any online service created to help travelers with the only difference that when paying, you’re paying the scammer instead of a hotel or an airline. You will never receive an electronic confirmation, so the beginning of your trip will be impossible.

According to a study by the Association of Travel UK most dangerous are booking tickets online airlines, cottages, apartments and vacation packages, especially those related to religion or sports. They all have something in common – you put money in advance.

Job interview questions of security guard

Being a security guard requires skill, honesty and the ability to remain calm under pressure. The security guards often represent the first line of defense in attempted robbery and are the first to respond to medical emergencies. They must be able to recognize the situation they are called to treat and quickly assess the next step to be taken. It may be a job underestimated, but businesses, buildings and residences that employ take a serious way because they understand how important their work.

Past experience

Many companies hire security guards former policemen and members of the armed forces. For that reason, many interview questions security guard will focus on the experience of potential employees. For example, “Could you tell us about any work in the past that could help with this kind of job?” Or for security guards have an important role might be, “what kind of work experience of the past have to you can relate to the type of work you’ll be doing important with us? ” Applicants should be ready and willing to discuss any previous work or training that can show the prospective employer your experience that could be useful when working as a security guard.

Honesty and trust

Security guards often have a lot of access to places where they work. For this reason, companies of security guards must ensure that they recruit honest and trustworthy employees. The interview questions for this type of work with respect to honesty can range from “you have lied to an employer?” To “if you realize that employee safety was having access to information that should not, but in your opinion it was not vital or important information, how procedures? “. Questions to ask a prospective employee to make a decision are well used because they require the applicant to listen, analyze and then respond.

Is it legal to install security cameras in the workplace?

The installation of surveillance cameras in businesses for employee control (control of entry and exit times, quality control, performance of their duties etc.) is a practice that does not have clear legislation in almost any European country. in labor regulations it is established in Article 20 of the Statute of Workers, that “the employer may take the measures it deems most appropriate surveillance and monitoring to verify compliance by the worker of their obligations and work duties, keeping in adoption and application due consideration to human dignity and taking into account the actual capacity of handicapped workers, if necessary.”

This power of supervision and control that labor legislation gives the employer is partly limited the obligation of the issuance of a report by the Works Council in advance regarding the “implementation or revision of organizational systems and control work.”

Security cameras in the workplace

According to experts, the only way justified that video surveillance is necessary “to meet production requirements and safety”, yes, provided it is carried out with the necessary guarantees. Such guarantees necessarily include a duty to warn the template (not enough with a sign with a symbol) and to explain in which cases the recordings of surveillance cameras will be examined by the management of the company and under what circumstances images cameras may be delivered to the judicial authorities.

In any case, experts in Brussels this coincide with the jurisprudence of the Spanish courts, security cameras in toilets, showers, locker rooms or rest areas may be installed to ensure the privacy of all employees. A right enshrined in Article 18.1 of the Spanish Constitution: “It guarantees the right to honor, personal and family privacy and image.”

If images are captured by surveillance cameras installed by the employer regardless these mandatory requirements, the employee concerned shall be entitled to request the termination of the contract and compensation fixed for unfair dismissal and as such is reflected in Article 50 of the Statute of Workers.

However, this is not the only regulations governing the installation of surveillance cameras in the workplace. The sounds and images are subject to protection by the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD). Thus, the film that is made by surveillance cameras if recorded, we are faced with what the LOPD qualifies as “data processing” so it falls squarely within its scope, instruction LOPD on video surveillance.

LOPD video surveillance

If the company fails to comply with legislation on video surveillance and the right to information in data collection (art. 5 of Law 15/1999, Data Protection) will be considered a minor offense and may face fines range between € 601 and € 60,101. Worst consequences would not register files video surveillance in the Spanish Data Protection Agency or use the files with a different purpose for which they were created and communisis to the Agency. In this case, the infringement is considered serious and the employer would face penalties between 60.101,21 € and 300.506,25 € THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT ENDORSES THE INSTALLATION OF SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS IN THE WORKPLACE WITHOUT CONSENT OF EMPLOYEES A Case constitutional last March 3, 2016, guarantees that employers install security cameras without the consent of employees, provided that their purpose is to “monitor compliance with contract.” the statement includes “exceptions” to the Organic Law of Protection data on image recognition as “personal data”. On point, “dispensation from the obligation to seek the consent of the affected in the workplace where the processing of personal data necessary for the maintenance and compliance with the contract signed by the parties.”

The judge argues that the Workers ‘ Statute empowers the employer to “take the measures it deems most appropriate surveillance and monitoring to verify compliance by the worker of their obligations and work duties, keeping in its adoption and application due consideration to their human dignity ” and that ” the consent is implicit in the very acceptance of the contract. ”

Legislation video surveillance: Essential duty of information.

Although defend the explicit consent of workers may not be necessary, if it should remain the right of information to workers that it is being recorded. According to the judgment, it would be enough with placing a distinctive information about the existence of surveillance cameras and purpose of installing these.

Introduction to Home Automation

The automation of your home can be as simple as controlling light garage with a remote control, install a motion sensor for the bell to ring when someone approaches the front door, or put lights that are activated from time to time by a timer for convenience, security or to make it appear that someone is when not at home.

Carry out a project of home automation you do not have to be intimidating or too complex. In fact, many of automation products are very easy to install. Most automation products work wirelessly by radio frequency, or using the existing electrical wiring in your home. This means that home automation is as simple as plugging in modules or plug the product into an outlet without costly wiring.

In housing more than 200 square meters a repeater that amplifies the signal and makes it harder for better reception recommended. Contact your security company for a full explanation of this and other products offered.

Communication via power line is known as PLC for its acronym in English Power Line Carrier. The oldest and most common method to communicate through the house wiring is the use of a PLC with the standard X10. X10 is a communication protocol for remote control of electrical devices. Uses the power line (220V or 110V) to transmit control signals between equipment automation homes in digital format.

A PLC system is comprised of transmitters and receivers. The transmitters are devices such as control panels, clocks, remotes, and keyboards wall or computer controllers. They send a command such as attenuation, on or off the receivers.

In the standard X10, each receiver is programmed with its own identifier (ID) unique, known as house code and unit. This code is automatically learns the configuration process or manually entered. There may be up to 256 combinations of house and unit codes X10, so that each device in the home can be controlled separately.

Devices PLC can be controlled by transmitter’s manuals, timers or intelligent controllers. Thus can be programmed to turn on or off equipment or lights, depending on the time of day, amount of sunlight, detected motion, alarm conditions, etc. There are also programs that run on computers that are running 24 hours a day and provide more advanced control over the Internet.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when installing the product PLC. When electricity comes as 220V and is divided into two phases, or legs in the electrical panel 110V, depending on the location of the transmitters and receivers, it may be necessary for good signal PLC connect a transmitter on one leg, to the transformer street and back to the receiver on the other leg.

Especially in big houses, the signal may become too weak to reach all parts of the house. In this case it may be necessary to install a “coupling phase”, these devices create a bridge between the two legs of the electrical system so that the signal can travel more easily between the legs. In the homes of more than 200 square meters, a repeater, not only to create a bridge between the two legs, but also to increase the signal it may be necessary. These products can be wired in the switch panel, or connected to a 220V outlet. A coupler or repeater X10 should be considered as a standard feature for larger homes or more complex installations. If you find that some areas of the house cannot be controlled reliably, a quick test is to try to light a stove or a hair dryer plugged into a 220V, and see if there is an improvement with a coupler or repeater.

Devices PLC also can share the power line with other devices that may interfere with the operation. For example the power supplies of computers, fluorescent lights, and televisions, VCRs, radios, fans, ovens, pool pumps or other engines. To diagnose these problems, simply turn off the switches one by one, or disconnect the devices until the problem disappears and find the culprit.

It is not enough to turn off the television or computer. You must disconnect the switch panel. Once the problem is, it must be installed a filter that plugs into the wall or wiring if necessary to isolate the device signals the power line. With a little patience and after some attempts and tests 99% of the problems are solved.