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Equipment necessary for the duties of a security officer

A security guard needs different equipment depending on whether they are armed or unarmed. Depending on the property that is being protected, special equipment may be required. However, there are basic equipment that each security guard requires to have. While

How to change your last name in social security

If your name has changed for any reason, it is important that you report to the Social Security Administration as soon as possible and request a new Social Security card that reflects your correct name. Incorrect information can delay your

How to find someone by their social security number

Why can you need to find someone by their social security number? Maybe you have lost sight of a relative, but you have access to your social security number. Maybe you’re an employer, willing to hire someone, but you want

How to get a job without a social security number

According to the Social Security Office, a social security number is not only crucial for a job, but also to receive social security benefits and other services funded by the government. Taxes are the main reason for issuing social security

How to remove security screws

The security screws prevent the wrong people from removing them. You can find them in different places, including benches, nuclear power plants, external lighting, traffic signs and children’s games. The screws are made so that people can not alter them

How to write a resume for a security guard job

A security guard works in a variety of environments and has a wide variety of functions, ranging from simply ordering visitors not to touch art in a museum to protection against theft and surveillance of property and money. Depending on

Tips for the security of smartphones

The widespread use of mobile devices in everyday tasks results in personal information such as bank details, photographs, messages, contacts, emails and a long list of private information being moved from one place to another in the pockets. How to

How to locate someone through the social security number for free

It has happened to all of us that we want to meet certain people. If you know your social security number, you can do it. Because this number appears in most public records, tracking a person’s location may take a

How to solve security problems

One of the most common problems is a vehicle safety system that does not work properly. The “safety” light on the instrument panel flashes to let you know that the system is activated. Fortunately, you can reset the security system.

How to solve the problems of the vertical lines that are seen in a security camera

Thin vertical lines with black or white spikes on your CCTV are the symptoms of interference from a camera, shared terrain or an uninterrupted supply of power, also known as UPS. Monitors can show lines that jump side by side