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Rendered with prison security guard for injuries to a young

Monday Judge Fanny Canossa imprisonment pending trial man 40 years for the crime of serious injuries ultraintencionales concurrency reiteration outside with a crime of omission of assistance and threats. The attack occurred on Sunday morning when GTC, 18 years old,

Recommendations for home security

“We are all jointly responsible for the safety of our family, property and environment, why it is so necessary to raise awareness in the population about the importance of prevents criminal actions. ” Recommendations within the home Having secured all

Protect your home during the holidays

We are in a good time to plan for what will be our next vacation destination and we currently have many proposals, both national and international, and devote ourselves to enjoy our more than deserved days off, but … can

Procedures security guards

A security guard is a person who is often hired by a private organization to monitor the location of a business, a home private or a commercial institution. Security guards preserve building security, maintain order and protect residents, employees and

Manual how to disable security cameras

Next step to translate an interesting guide them company‚Äôs mover. If you remember, the initiative came in 2013, in US, as a sort of “game” intended to spread the direct action, specifically those aimed at security cameras. On their website

Main problems of a security system at home

An alarm system that sounds unnecessarily too often can have an effect like “crying wolf” and ultimately make the system less effective. You can change the way your alarm system works by troubleshooting the system to make sure it is

Keep safety during your holiday

Internet revolutionized the way we vacationed. Unfortunately, this enables scammers to ruin the wishes of the people to have their perfect vacation, so stay tuned and check everything before you spend your money on a plane ticket or lodging. It

Job interview questions of security guard

Being a security guard requires skill, honesty and the ability to remain calm under pressure. The security guards often represent the first line of defense in attempted robbery and are the first to respond to medical emergencies. They must be

Is it legal to install security cameras in the workplace?

The installation of surveillance cameras in businesses for employee control (control of entry and exit times, quality control, performance of their duties etc.) is a practice that does not have clear legislation in almost any European country. in labor regulations

Introduction to Home Automation

The automation of your home can be as simple as controlling light garage with a remote control, install a motion sensor for the bell to ring when someone approaches the front door, or put lights that are activated from time