10 tips to prevent theft in the home in summer

It need not happen anything, but it is well known that the arrival of summer brings, plus hot, very hot, and the consequent deserved vacation. That is when you leave your house for a few days out of it, and when more leverage the thieves to commit theft in homes undefended. Since most of us would prefer not to hire a security guard firm, here are 10 tips to prevent theft in the home in summer.

We know you would not find you your house burgled after returning from a pleasant and relaxing holiday. Therefore, although a post and we gave you a basic understanding of previous home security in summer, follow these 10 tips to make your house thieves forget:

  • First of all, they only know your vacation plan people confidence. Not everyone must know by heart how long your vacation itineraries will, thus preventing undue reach ears.
  • Install an alarm system. To choose the one that best suits your needs, contact a specialized company.
  • Shielding doors and windows. Not to say that the doors with timbers, if you invest in doors and windows over closure and better resistance. Consider the initial outlay as a safe investment, never better. If you cannot afford it, at least center yourself in those most vulnerable possible inputs, and rear areas, wooded or easily accessible.
  • A classic: do not go down completely blind. It will feel home life. Also, another way is to stop hanging clothes.
  • Complementing this, there are programming a timer on lights and radios and televisions activated temporarily. A good solution.
  • Trust to a close the keys to your home to pick up the mail regularly, water plants, etc.. It will generate useful move in the house to scare the thieves.
  • Another classic: do not leave valuables. Better safe than sorry.
  • And the reference points make, type, etc. all appliances that can be stolen: lighten the pursuit and capture of the thief and the stolen items.
  • Neighbors are vital in these cases, so ask them to take a good eye to you, stay tuned to the strange movements.
  • Do not close cabinets or drawers locked. Avoid the evil is greater if the robbers come and not forcing and breaking.